Google & CFP v3

I just did a Google search on “HIPS applications.”

The very first response was this link:

This is from within the US; results may not be the same from other countries…


Wow, that’s cool. I did a search on Google for the same thing, and it was on the top for me too :wink:
Btw, I live in Sweden :slight_smile:


reply same in Ecuador


Ecuador?! Ah thawt yestidy ya’ll wuz drawlin from thu state o’ Jojah. Whut a peach! ;D


Speak English please? ??? :o

Translation: “I thought yesterday you were speaking slowly and with a Southern accent from the state of Georgia. Reference to Georgia being known for its peaches; at the same time, a euphemism for all things good.”
It was an Off-Topic humorous comment based on this post:
Opus Dei Drawls



I grew up in Atlanta Georgia. Home of Coca Cola and Land of Tara and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets :Beer :Beer (:NRD)
I recently move just a lil’ (Around 2500 miles)bit south of the city. (:LGH)


[i]- Quote corrected by Soya -