Google Captcha

I’m having an ongoing problem with Google Captcha image not loading. I have checked Comodo Dragon to see if it’s a “Comodo” problem, but Captcha image shows up there. Next I disabled all my extensions in IceDragon to see if any of them were the problem, but the Captcha image still did not show up. I’m having to use MSIE whenever I get a Captcha page, which is quite annoying and time consuming. I would like to add a filter to allow* but I can’t find anyplace to put it. Any suggestions?

I forgot to add an example page for where I can’t see the image so others can try it. Here’s one: I can’t find the image but it appears to be inside an iframe and there’s also javascript involved. I didn’t have problems with Firefox in the past but I like the security features of IceDragon.

It is working here with the latest