google calendar doesnt work in comodo dragon browser

The lates version of comodo dragon browser ( somehow doesn’t support the gmail calendar. I can open the calendar, I can see my appointments but I cannot make a new one and cannot change the existing ones. It works like a kind of read-only browser.
What can I do? I love this browser but it’s impossible to use the calendar which is vital for me.

Do you have Javascript enabled? (Click on the dragon eye in the upper left-hand corner, select Options, then click on Under the Hood. Click on Content Settings, and look for Javascript)

The calendar requires Javascript in order to work.

Edit: Sorry, I should have mentioned I’m not seeing any problems here.

Javascript is enabled, I’ve checked, thanks.

Wow, it’s working again although I haven’t changed any settings!! It’s great because I haven’t been able to use it for some days now. Thanks anyway.

That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

I wonder if you were just encountering a service issue? If the servers are busy, sometimes you do enter read-only mode, although there is usually a message stating when this is the case.

i’ve the same issue: read-only access to most of my google calendar, i can’t read “more details” for example, too.
comodo dragon is up to date, javascript is enabled, cookies are allowed and i dont force it to https connections.
it works perfectly with firefox or IE :cry:
help me pls

fixed it by myself :smiley:
PrivDog caused the problem, i tried to add exceptions but it didn’t solve the problem.
i don’t have any further details, sry. if someone reads this and has the same issue, deactivating PrivDog should solve it till they fixed the bug!

… i just recognized the following warning at PrivDog:

This extension failed to redirect a network request to  because another extension (AdBlock) redirected it to .

so it might be a problem of AdBlock Extension (v 2.6.18) instead of PrivDog? idk! i leave this to someone professional. :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m looking forward to read some deep technical details and a proper solution :smiley:


I’ve removed PrivDog. Instead, I use the ‘PRO’ ad blocker extension and Google Calendar works correctly for me in CD 31. Good Luck.