Google bod exposes Sophos Antivirus' gaping holes

A security researcher has discovered embarrassing and critical vulnerabilities in Sophos’ enterprise protection software.

Tavis Ormandy, an information security engineer at Google, published a paper along with example attack code to highlight flaws present in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X builds of Sophos’ antivirus product.

The holes can be reliably and easily exploited by hackers to compromise the computers the software is supposed to defend. Specifically, the antivirus scanner fails to safely examine encrypted PDFs and VisualBasic files, which could arrive in an email or website download; these documents can be crafted to trigger flaws within the software and gain control of the system.

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Please moderate your tone gentlemen. Vulnerabilities get found for all programs out there. It does not make program less reliable. What counts is how quickly it gets fixed and if workarounds get published to help circumvent the problem when possible. Keep in mind that some bugs may not be easy to fix and may take some time to get fixed.

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