Goodbye Comodo!

I have loved using Comodo Firewall - great product, great features. Unfortunately I also use Bluecoat K9 Webfilter on my pc’s. With the increasing difficulty of resolving conflicts between the two, and apparent complete incompatibility with the new internet suite, I am have now waved Comodo goodbye - since I have younger kids I will choose K9 every time. An indication - a sentence or two, anything - from someone at Comodo that the issue is being worked on would have saved the day, but there appears to be no response from them about this, or am I missing something?


You do not need K9 Web protection if you use Firefox with Glubble.

As V Said if you have the full CIS or the Firewall it self, You don’t need Bluecoat K9 Webfilter.


Except he never said that.

[size=10pt]Just to make you aware K9 fixed their incompatibility issue in the most recent release.[/size] :BNC

You lost one and gained one in the same day!!
Some of the younger people dont know,they better stay with Comodo!
Hello everyone, Newbie i guess I am called for now…

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