Goodbye Comodo

This is the second time I have tried Comodo firewall. After fighting with V3 for over a week, it finally defeated me. If I run it in custom mode, it does not learn the rules, and asks for the same permissions over and over again. If I run it in allow all mode, why bother? I already have a router hardware firewall.
So yesterday I replaced it with Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall. So far it seems to be just a bit better behaved, but it too has problems. I may just give up and return to good old Zone Alarm free. >:(

Hello reubenb

Sorry you could not get it working well. Why don’t you give CFP v-2.4 a try. It is a stable good protection firewall without Defense+. Check back here once in a while and you will be able to see then when v-3 is suitable enough for you. It will be improving all the time.

All the best


Good day comodo I am happy that you exist :■■■■

I have test all the firewalls in the past and there was almost nothing compare with the comodo.

To reubend,

I believe you are supposed to run comodo in the default safe mode initially. And its been my experience that CPF3 learns your system very well and is one of the best and least intrusive firewalls I have ever tried.

But I too am in your boat, after running CPF3 to the now updated.268 version, it currently can’t do one must have thing for me. So in that sense its defeated me for now.

But JJasper is 100% correct, CPF3 is a work still in progress. Even after extensive beta testing, new problems emerge that ARE BEING ADDRESSED. I am told by some of the comodo support that an update coming in the near future may fix my concern. So I am not ready to say goodbye to comodo
when comodo disappointed me once. The other huge advantage of the new comodo are in the incremental updates which allows for the updating of the firewall without going through an entire
uninstall and then a download the whole thing and then reinstall possibly losing previous setting in the process. And I also downloaded another competing firewall with similar excellent rating. It
ended up crashing my wife’s computer in less than a week and I had a very hard time uninstalling it.
At least CPF3 never crashed my computer’s and always seamless uninstalled.

With all the complexities in firewall code and all the various user configurations, its somewhat amazing that any expect absolute perfection in a mere two weeks after release of a new program.

So right now I am running another small firewall. But as soon as CPF3 fixes my concern, its right back to comodo I go. In fact that why I am the forum today, to see if they had it yet. No joy yet, but thanks to the excellent comodo support, I will wait.

Hang in there Osage. The update has been delayed a day or two so far, but it is coming. They are addressing more than just the bug that you’re affected by.

Thanks for your patience.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic is being unduly modest here. He is one of the major reasons I have something better than patience, I have faith.

With computers and new computer programs, everyone has to have the patience to work through problems. Those easily frustrated might be well advised to stay away from computers. Comodo is not the first or last computer problem I have had to deal with.

At least I know my problem and other people’s problems are being addressed which gives amply reason to trust comodo.