Goodby Comodo DNS

I switched to Comodo DNS about a month ago and it was fast. Lately my computer would just hang and never connect to a lot of web pages.
Today I was going to dig into my computer and see what the problems is…BUT

I switched back to my old DNS settings and wow, speed again.

Sorry Comodo. Still love ya.

thank you for informing us though…really appreciate it.

i asked our guys to take a look.

I found and used namebench-1.3.1-Windows and am using the recommended Name-Servers from the scan it performed on my computer and router settings - much faster and they did NOT even mention COMODO DNS Name-Servers!

Perhaps COMODO needs to tout their blacklists offering as opposed to the speed and errors that are mentioned to things like notations on their results page of being highjacked, and some others that were notated that they were incorrect referenced for certain Names.

You can check my post here
I had the same slow down after updating both CIS and CD. When I checked my DNS, I found Comodo DNS enabled, even if I opted out during the installation of the two softwares…
If this is a bug, I wish it will be fixed in the next release