Good ZDNET article about EV....


So, with “green for go” flying around, how does what MS is doing w/IE7 compare to your approach with VE? What are the differences, what is the same?

Meanwhile, certification authorities such as VeriSign, XRamp and Comodo will need to be audited before they can sell the new certificate type. This is to ensure they follow the correct practices. All three companies will sell the extended validation certificate, even if they disagree with Microsoft's move to adopt the draft guidelines.

Hi Melih,

I hope you’re ready for the audit. :slight_smile: I think it is another good step in helping users to identify valid websites. Keep up the good work Comodo; it’s a ‘righteous’ cause. :wink:


Don’t quote me, but I think Firefox already does this, hence when surfing the address bar turns green.


Oops, I hope that doesn’t count as quoting you, Paul… :slight_smile:

I think that w/FF it depends on which theme ur using, maybe even extensions - but I believe that the green is in references to the SSL state, rather than an anti-phishing state. Unless there’s some anti-phishing extension that turns it green. I have FirePhish, but it just has a toolbar…

My address bar goes yellow (#F5F6BE) when I’m on a https page… ::slight_smile:
Like this thread we are posting on. :wink:,3882.0/topicseen.html

About having it in the address bar, i think it’s the way to go. Having yet another ::slight_smile: process start with the PC is not what i want. I would just turn the autostart off, and then forget to turn it on… :o
I want V-Engine INSIDE my browser. ;D

Good questions :slight_smile:

VE is about Authenticating the Web Content. This could be an individual logo, login box or a third party credential, well any web content at all. What we are doing with EV certs is authenticating the site, not necessarily the content.


Indeed we are!

Bring’em on…