Good old days

You know. I’m using Vista for a year now. (:SHY) And I’m using Comodo Firewall 3 since it came out. Now I saw an Xp machine with 2.4 on it and guess what ?! I wanted to change my 3 into 2.4 ! (:LGH) Just because of nostalgy. (:AGL)

I think Comodo should bring back that warm blue color GUI. White is SO cold. And they should bring back that flaming blue shield with a world on it, because it’s much more solid and better looking and it means a lot more than just a green tick. :SMLR It means - we are really securing the virtual world !

My 2 cents (:AGL)


you can have your own skins soon :slight_smile:

Yep. (:KWL) The tools will be provided on January 29 I think. :SMLR

Now don’t get me wrong. The CFP is beautiful. And clean. And nice. But it doesn’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling like CFP 2 did.

I don’t like Google and Macintosh, just because they are cold and metalic. They are elegant, nice and clean and easily understandable, but not friendly. (:TNG)

It’s only my opinion … (:AGL)

I agree with you, I miss the old blue Comodo,

but…I also like to change it back maybe once ore twice a week :slight_smile:

If you like changing the GUI so often, why not implement a feature to randomly change the skin every x days or whatever (:TNG).