Good cars

It is time to get my driver license (:LGH) and I am wondering what car I must get… :THNK
hmmm… I like VW, Lexus and Toyota!.. :SMLR

I wonder what car Melih has… :THNK (:WIN)

Other: I want a Westminster blue Jaguar XJ (I’d love an XJ with the design of the previous generation [1995-2003] but the technology of the new one…), and a British Racing Green Range Rover Vouge (not the Sport version, but the classic RR). I also want a black Porsche 993 Turbo (911 from the year ~1995).



I agree with you, you sum up verry nice classic ones!



What, no Tata?

Or a Chinese BMW X5. ;D


[b]from TIMEwebsite [/b] "The engine — all two cylinders, 624cc and 33 horsepower of it — is in the back, just like the Volkswagen Beetle of old. The speedometer and other instruments cluster in a central pod in the middle of the dashboard rather than directly in front of the driver, the easier (and cheaper) to offer both left- and right-hand versions when Tata Motors starts exporting the car to Southeast Asia and Africa in a couple of years. The top third of the over-sized headlights act as the turn signals (indicators) and look like cheeky yellow eyebrows above the main lights. It has a top speed of about 60 miles per hour.'

■■■■ funny car! it i about 2500 dollars? hmmm If I bought such a car, it would make DARTH VADER look cheap…

Above all I do not think it can be imported in the United States because I don’t think it would apply to security demands in our country… And ofcourse the same goes for Europe…

We must watch out for those chinese people… They make look a likes of everything! …hmmm… I hope they don’t make a look a like of Darth Vader!!! (:AGY) well they can’t I am unique!

All fixed, then i edit my post

hmmm… yes… PORSCH must PORSCHE, the “e” must be attached to it… I changed it! (:WIN)

that car looks nice, but seems a bit streched out… I mean if you imagine the roof goes more to the ground than you understand what I mean…

SAAB makes good cars :slight_smile: Ragwing knows that :smiley:

Why there is no SAAB on the list ? >:( ;D

Ford trucks hands down. I love Ford for their trucks not their cars though… For cars i would say Toyota since they have the beautiful Toyota Matrix :slight_smile:

Also mitsubishi is not in the list >:( >:( >:(

Just my 2 cents → think and do some research before you post (:TNG)



Add an ability to have multiple choices :slight_smile:

Only a mod can do that now I think :slight_smile:

Errrr. what’s triumph ? Never heard of that one ???


Triumph Motor Company - Wikipedia

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but … it doesn’t exist (3xist ;D) anymore … so … why is it there … it changed in something else …



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