Good bye

I’m sorry to say I’ve left Comodo. The ultimate reason was this last new upgrade blew away my hotkey settings and various other utilities that are part of the software pre-install on my IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T61p. The volume controls and on-screen display locked the computer and various othe “productivity” key shortcuts ceased working. Re-installing the software packages did not cure the problem. Un-installing Comodo did.

In addition, my Microsoft LifeCam caused a BSOD as soon as the camera was plugged in. I submitted my crash dumps to friends at Microsoft who pointed the finger directly at Comodo. Again, after uninstalling Comodo, everything works.

Lastly, how many upgrades to 3 lost the previous “learned” settings, resulting in the whole obnoxious popup deluge just when you thought that dog was dealt with?

For reference: IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T61p-3 GB RAM-Windows XP Pro-Service Pack 3

I realize that you can’t test every configuration in the world. But other products, notably ZA, don’t seem to be as intrusive and as clumsy as Comodo. That didn’t used to be the case. Comodo used to be a great firewall. I suspect that the dreaded software bloat has finally bitten you in the behind. Having reveted to the latest build of ZA Pro, I’m amazed at the lack of confilicts and the ease of learning. I think Comodo needs to take another look at the competition.

Maybe comodo hasn’t tested against SP3 yet.

I have tried Comodo with SP3
What a disaster
Needless to say SP3 was removed forthwith never to be seen again.
I can’t remember where it is on the Forum but i have reported the matter.

I have SP3 and COMODO v. 3 works perfectly, so your problems are not a matter of SP2 or SP3

I use it on SP3 with no problems.

I have 2 Vista’s and 1 XP. I finally loaded SP3 on my XP this morning (I don’t use the machine like I used to, and it has been off for over a week). All my machines are running fine–if anything, they are running faster than before.

Think for a minute people. He thinks Comodo is bloat. Does he know the meaning of bloat. Comodo is a firewall with HIPS like Online Armor. ZAP is a firewall with spyware,identity theft, email guard,cookie blocker. That is bloated. Comodo uses 11,000K of memory where as ZAP uses 46,000K. I am running SP3 on 5 machines with no trobles. Nothing wrong with SP3. Comodo doesnt uninstall things thats impossible. User error I say. Comodo runs great on both my machines I have. Honestly not 1 problem. Same install for months now.

In general we have a post in which asserts sp3 and comodo3 do not interact well. Thus far, we have 4 posters reporting no problems with sp3 and one reporting problems, and when you add me in make it 5 to 1.

Of course that does not count the OP, mixz1, a whole two post wonder, who bails out with what sounds like genuine problems. Which sadly tells us and the comodo3 programming team nothing about what triggered the problem. Maybe microsoft is right and its web cam has problems with comodo, and that in turn triggered a cascade of problems, but still it helps no one else avoid problems in the future. And avoiding problems and fixing problems is the entire reason for the existence of this forum. And one of comodo’s strongest assets.

As for me, computers can be frustrating, but to master them, one ends up exposed to troubleshooting. I had a problem with the first version of comodo3 which was unfixable in the original version, but I stuck with it and have had no problems since. I have had other almost intractable problems with other software, and those problems must be patiently worked through.

The person who runs away is basically a sitting duck for other problems in the future. Sorry for the rant, but we should help each other rather than run away.

Also running SP3 & CFP 3 is running better then ever! :slight_smile:

Sorry for those who have problems.


Great post Osage.

The more things people ask about, the more the rest of us learn and can further help others. That’s the whole idea about “communities” like this one.

All he had to do was ask and an answer would, hopefully, have been forthcoming.

His “missing” multimedia and productivity shortcuts keys could have been fixed by allowing one executable.

His LifeCam problems could have been solved by upgrading to the latest drivers.

His “learned” settings could have been exported, imported and then aplied.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make 'em do backstroke.

I hope his new security software works out for him.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have the latest version of CPF *.368 and Microsoft LifeCam, Works fine for me no issues at all.

Me too i had a BSOD with SP3 and the last version off CFP.i was obliged to reinstall my computer !


Too true.

As I mentioned in a another thread, right now there are at least three open threads about people having problems with the combination of win XP as an OS being updated to sp3 while using the latest version of comodo 3. We now know, due to the the Kytel42 post, CPF3 can live with microsoft webcams, we know from the Killman post ( on another thread ) that he had some set of problems with a virgin install of the latest version of CPF3 on a xp pro version updated to sp3, but he had an intel processor. But Killman now reports he could use a prior version of comodo 3, the .309 edition, and just let it update the the .368 version. On yet another thread, another poster alleges AMD processors are an additional factor in problems when sp3 is installed. on an XP OS.

And now we have the symbian post saying he got a BSOD and had to basically reinstall everything. What I am hoping to get from symbian is additional details like (a) Did you do an incremental update to get to the latest version of CPF3 just prior to the BSOD, or do you do a new install of CPF3 (b) Do you have an intel or AMD processor? (c) How did you get things fixed. (d) What ever else you can think of to try to track down the source of this problem.?

Not trying to obnoxious but I am interested in troubleshooting problems of this nature. And how to isolate the problem.

Hi Osage,

A) I did an incremental update.

B) I have an Intel processor.

Unfortunately, I was not able to access to my windows after the crash even in “mode without failure”, console, repair windows …so no minidump to analyse the problem.

sorry for my english i hop you understund (:TNG)

To symbian,

I think I understood it right. So you did the incremental update to the I assume .364 version. And I assume after the requested comodo reboot, you got only a BSOD. At which point you deleted your entire hard drive and then reinstalled everything? If that is not the case, let me know because I then am not clear. And I assume you now have sp3 and comodo3 working correctly but that is not clear either.

But did you try either (a) Booting to safe mode? At which point you might have been able to use system restore. (b) Trying to boot up with the windows cd and then trying a repair install? If that would have been tried and it worked, we might have gotten a clue the the SP3
and CPF3 intermittent conflict involves a windows device driver.

Yes I did all solutions : Safe mode, restauration, repair windows with the CD but nothing work.(Windows can’t start in safe mode and will reboot now.Windows XP SP2 was not able to repair your windows, press F3 to reboot…).
i was obliged to format my C: and doing a new install. now I’m using CFP with SP2. I didn’t install SP3.

I’m a technician in computer and networks and I never see problem like that (:LGH).
As I said, no minidump so I can’t guess what happened.

To Symbian,

Yes, that fully explains it and its quite apparent you are quite a few steps ahead of me. But still unexplainable odd that SP3 somehow messes up so many computers that use CPF3, yet my wife’s computer and so many more other computers happily live with the XP, SP3, and the latest version of CPF3. Right now I am awaiting the delivery of a new computer that will have Xp and SP3 because my old computer died due to a mobo failure. But almost step one will be putting on CPF3 and I am hoping I will not get instant admission to I got the same problem club.

But its still has to be some odd ball combination of pre condition triggering these things and it would sure be nice to find out how to prevent it from happening to anyone.

I’ll try to reply in one message to all the comments as I remember them. First, I am not a newbie, either to computers or Comodo. I am a retired network administrator and planner who worked my way up to administering an Active Directory net spanning Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States. I know hardware and I know software. So with that understood:

Just because I have only posted twice here, doesn’t mean I am new to Comodo. I was running Comodo for many many months, perhaps even a couple of years on some of my machines (5 machines, 2 desktops, 3 notebooks, all IBM/Lenovo) with very few issues, hence no posts.

When I began having problems I posted my crash dumps in the appropriate forum and even sent them to Comodo for analysis. I got no reply. Rather than calling me a “two post wonder” and accusing me of “bailing out” you should recognize that I actively tried to address the problems I experienced with Comodo, Microsoft and Lenovo. The only lack of cooperation I received was Comodo’s.

BTW, I’ll be a 3 post wonder, because I’m not coming back after this one. Whether you agree with me or not, I don’t deserve the kind of sarcasim some of you deem appropriate.

Because you haven’t a problem doesn’t mean that I won’t have a problem. The combinations of hardware and software possible are infinite. Because my ThinkPad crashed doesn’t mean your Dell has to crash too.

Same for the Microsoft LifeCam. The same dmp files I sent to Comodo were sent to MS. Unlike Comodo, MS responded and proved the problem was Comodo. Those who care will notice that within the next few weeks new drivers for the LifeCam will be available from MS that specifically address this problem. They are a direct result of my working hand in hand with MS on the problem.

Also, the BS about the memory requirements and alleged bloatware are just that, BS. My ZA client has a footprint of 9686K. I’m using ZA Pro, without the AV and spyware components. I let Symantec Corporate and Ad-Aware Pro handle that.

Lastly, I always find the hysterical defense of a product by its supporters to be amusing. I didn’t knock your use of Comodo. I explained why I was leaving it. If my OP had been read and understood, as opposed to a knee-■■■■ reaction, some of you may have learned something from it. At worst, the idea that not all software will work with all hardware/software combinations. I tried for well over a month (I got SP3 through MSDN well ahead of its release) to solve my problem post SP3. I also tried for several months to solve the LifeCam situation.

Believe me, uninstalling Comodo and cleaning the registry on 5 machines was a major PITA, as was installing ZA Pro. I am not knocking Comodo, which served me well. I am merely reporting why I gave up. As we always say in these matters, YMMV.

Its odd. Somebody who works in the computer filed couldn’t figure out Comodo and thought that cleaning up the registry was a pain. Hmmm …Lets see here. Ever heard of Revo. Duh. I have been a GM Technician for 18 years now. I fix and repair cars and trucks with 30 computers in them. I am no computer worker nor have I have been a computer tech or worked in the field. I am a self tought pc guru. I have learned by playing around with things how to make them work. Reading help files and trial and error. Maybe Comodo was to blame for mixz1 problems. But all of them could have been fixed. I haven’t met a program that doesn’t get along with Comodo and I have way beyond the norm of most. I have over 250 programs for Comodo to learn on both my pc’s. Everyone works and doesn’t lock up. But I also take the time to manually add programs to Comodo if need be. Oh well mixz1…if you asked for help in thehelp forum we could have helped you like others and myself have helped many. Go ahead and spend $40 for ZAP for 1 year. I will continue to spend $0 for life for Comodo. I guess we can lock this thread since he will not be back. BTW I built my own desktop for gaming. That also is self taught.