Good article that shows Comodo's attempts at making EV accessible to everyone!

Here u can read a good article by AP.

As I have mentioned in the article, its important to make the EV technology accessible by all legitimate merchants.

Comodo will strive for making sure this technology is not just for big companies but accessible by all legitimate online merchants. Because if we don’t make it available for all, then the dream of creating “Level playing field” on the Internet goes out of the window!


The Comodo approach makes sense, no doubt about that. MS wants to go ahead anyway. What a surprise. They’re used to bugs\problems. And (almost) being a monopolist themselves they probably don’t give a toss about the little guys anyway.

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Hi Melih,

It’s good to see what Comodo is doing with regards to smaller businesses. It is always difficult to verify the smaller companies and many people just won’t trust them and go somewhere else, so it is great to see Comodo doing something about this and creating the ‘‘level playing field’’ like you stated. :wink:


Thanks Mike.

it is indeed very important not only to create the technology to help everyone but make sure its accessible by everyone. Internet is a very important tool for many businesses and today establishing trust on internet is very hard to do. This is why I initiated the CAB Forum in may 05. Now we have a way forward, we have to make sure this is accessible to everyone and not just to a few. Comodo is making sure that everyone, including small to medium merchants, will have access to this EV technology.