Going from CIS V3 to V4

Hi, I understand that CIS V3 has to be removed before installing V4.
But can the settings be exported before V3 is removed and then re-imported after V4 installation?

Sorry no they cannot.

If you are willing to wait one/two weeks there should be a program update V3 to V4 available.


Edit It could be longer there have and are problems with V4 which have to be fixed first.

OK - thanks, I shall wait a bit!

Does this mean V3(.14) will alert me to the update to V4 (ie. when I click “Check For Updates” or leave the “Automatically check for the program updates” option checked) and be able to update from within V3?

Or… what?

(I’d really rather keep my settings.)


From what I understand yes. When they believe the product is stable enough they will allow an update straight from V3 to V4.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to keep your settings or not as this is a relatively major change. I would doubt it.


Screenshots of my settings it is then !