Going Back to V2

I loaded V2 a while back on my laptop and liked it. I decided to remove ZoneAlarm from my office computer (using too much cpu :-TD) and install the V3 upgrade.

Well, I’m 68 but still have a few brain cells left and V3 has me totally in the dark. I don’t even understand the instructions and how they apply. Just navigating around V3 also has me confused. (:AGY) This V3 will not allow my wireless home network to work…and for the life of me can’t figure out how to make it work…even after reading up on posts.

I hope I’m able to totally uninstall it so I can use V2 instead. That one is definitely user friendly.

Your honestly better off using Version 3.0. My 70 year old Mother uses it and I have taught her things. Dont get down or overwhelmed. Instead of uninstalling it why don’t you make a thread about setting up your wireless network. I know sded and matty r are 2 guys who can help you. Sorry your finding Comodo a bit confusing but its the most powerful on the market and its FREE.

I was also quite concerned about upgrading to V3 from V2.4 - I put it off for many months , but I have now taken the plunge. - it wasn’t as bad as i thought actually.
What I found very interesting was the " installation Guide/ Tutorial for V3 " in the “FAQ” section prepared by ‘Little Mac’. I printed this off and it is an easy to follow guide which I followed from start to finish .
The only additonal thing that it didnt include was the spyware scan that it does before final instalation [ which i assume was added after the guide was prepared] Also I didnt install the toolbar, but he explains everything very well and in ‘non techie’ language.

Everyone in this Forum (Members & Mods) Are dedicated to helping people with Comodo’s Software… Whether it would be the Firewall, AV, etc.

All you need to do is ask and help is there :slight_smile: