GMER log

Can someone check my gmer log, because I have no ide how to “read” it? It is quite long so I attached it as txt file to this post.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Breen,

Did GMER give you a popup if found suspicious things?

Nope, but does it always make pop ups when detects malware?

Most of the times it already alerts with a popup on startup that it found suspicious things and that you should run an extensive scan…

I can’t find anything suspicious on your log, except two copies of the MBR are not normal detections…
Do you have some sort of Disk Encryption or something other dual-boot etc that could be causing this?

No, but I had Comodo Time Machine(I uninstalled it). I do not know if CTM have something to do with it.

Big chance… then there is nothing to see in the logs :slight_smile:

I hope so. I had few days ago my pendrive infected by some kind of malware(my girlfriend’s pc was totally infected by trojans). I will run gmer on her pc, will see what is “unseen”. Thanks for help Ronny.