GMAIL setup/use

Okay, avoiding things like telnet and kemit;

W7 Ultimate 64 SP1
loaded bot 32 and 64 CSE

I am trying to get certificates and have the 250:13 problem, whether FF or IE is the default browser.

Now, I read most of CSE help and a thorough security post here, but would like some simple recomendations about configuring GMAIL:

  1. Should I use IMAP, POP, or http?
  2. Should I set always use HTTPS?
  3. Should the servers use SSL authentication?
  4. Text or UTF8?
  5. Anything else useful!!!


To clarify a little - I used to be a guru with hpux, but not with certificates. What I’ve read here brings back thoughts about standards are interpreted proprietorially. eg 64 bit vs 32!

I have found that certificates can be stored on:

  1. the os - W7 desktop & Vsta laptop.
  2. the browser - FF & IE.
  3. the mail handler - W Live in my case
  4. each email account 7 in my case.
  5. programs:
    a. CEVPN
    b. CES

Nowhere have I seen a definitive answer to - do each of the above need their own certificate, or can 1 certificate be stored in a generically universal place?

Second question - if a certificate is replaced or renewed - do all the above need updating?