Globle Rule not work on windows 10

product: Comodo Internet Security Premium
i Blocked a single IPv4 address TCP/UDP in/out in Globle Rule in windows 10 pro 64-bit.
i test on cmd (ping that IP address) and Chrome (open this ip address) i can still access that.
i have already talk with Geekbuddy and it seems they have no idea about this.

A Ping is sent via ICMP protocol, not TCP od UDP.
You will have to block that protocol for the IP address as well.

I added the ICMP rule but i can still access the IP address

You have to create two rules, one for blocking inbound where the source is the IP address of the machine you want to be blocked, and another for blocking outbound but this time put the IP address as the destination.

If you didn’t create a separate outbound rule, the firewall still allows echo reply packets since your machine is the one that initiated the connection and the firewall remembers you establishing a connection to that “blocked pc” and therefore allowing subsequent packets to get in. Something about stateful firewall stuff, so someone else would be better at explaining it.

Application rules have a higher priority than global rules when it comes to outbound traffic so if the application you use to ping with is set up in application rules to allow said traffic then the global rule isn’t going to block it.