Global Settings

I am a home user and no other networks are shared. I have Comodo on my latop and desktop but don’t need to share anything. I orginally had the global settings where they were from when I installed Comodo. My network adapter was trusted. Then I deleted all those entires and ran the stealth port wizard and selected the option to block all incoming connections. Is this the best option to have? I am behind a fully stealthed modem with a hardware firewall also. I get an occasional svhost block but doesn’t bother me. PC works fine.

I don’t use global rules, but that should work fine. The only disadvantage is that if you need to use an inbound connection (active ftp, games, p2p, …) you need to put the exceptions to allow specific inbound connections both in the global rules and in the application rules. I never trust a network adapter because I often use public wireless. Again, these “trusts” are really just exceptions to your block all rules. :slight_smile:

Well you know I am a gamer and my games work just fine with my setting the way they are.

Most games respond to your TCP requests, which usually work fine, since otherwise your router may stop them. There seem to be a few still that want to set up some of their own connections, and they often have problems. Some routers come with a list of games and stuff you can select to allow in. Or provide “firewalls” which are really ways for you to open inbound ports. And of course, there also DMZ’s/port forwarding. Usually the inbound is taken care of by NAT/SPI that recognizes you have sent something out, so allows a response to come in. As long is everything is working, no problems. :slight_smile:

I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem and it comes with tons of game support. i just had to add uTorrent port forwarding to it.

Hey sded. I realized tonight I didn’t need to run the stealth port wizard. I completely uninstalled Comodo and had no software firewall running. Just my 2Wire Gateway DSL hardware modem was on full lock down. I went to Shields Up and passed with flying colors. So technically I don’t need Comodo for inbound protection but mainly for filtering out bound nasty’s and the HIPS protection.

That is generally right. CFP3 will provide a little extra control over inbounds, but doesn’t see anything anyway except what already passed your hardware firewall or NAT/SPI rules. I often use public wireless where I have no control over the router, so in that case can use CFP3 to protect from a malicious router. :slight_smile: