Global Rule terminology change in v5

I recently upgraded to Comodo firewall v5. Why did the Global Rule terminology change? For example, a Global Rule in the previous version was;

“Block IP In From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol Is Any”

The same rule in v5 is now;

“Block IP In From MAC Any to MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any

Why was “IP” replaced with “MAC” & what does this mean. I see no mention of this change posted anywhere. Am I missing something?
Thank you

This is to prepare the software for IPv6 support.

John, thank you for your reply. You have explained that the Global Rule terminology was changed to prepare the software for IPv6 support.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area, but in the current IPv4 with the existing “IP” address format, how does the Global Rule with the new terminology accomplish the same result as the previous terminology when the rule refers to “MAC” instead of “IP”?
Thank You for any replies.

MAC would be your NIC’s MAC address, a physical address.
You will see MAC rules in Application Rules also.

A quote from Mike:

MAC is at OSI (Open Systems Interconnection model) layer 2 [oops] - the data link (frame, or physical addressing) layer. IP is at OSI layer 3 the network (packet, or logical addressing) layer.