global hooks

how do i stop dll’s from being auto-loaded with explorer.exe?

for example, i see eset nod32’s shellext.dll hooked with explorer.exe.

do i go to run and type msconfig? how can i uncheck a dll from being loaded?

Hi & welcome.

I don’t think you can point out specific DLL:s not to be loaded with Explorer. They depend on their respectively programs - you would have to change the programs’ options (e.g. disabling features), or completely disable the program from starting up (which you can do in msconfig as you surely know).

One example, I think, could be a shell DLL that is loaded with Adobe Reader. I remember that Reader loaded something into explorer.exe, or iexplorer.exe (I’m not sure which one). Then I disabled “display PDF in browser” (from Reader’s settings), after which I think the DLL was not loaded any more.

A guess it that DLL:s often are loaded to make things easier, like that Adobe Reader DLL in (i)explorer.exe.


I think you could control that with CFP’s Defense+. Is this kind of thing you’re talking about (see attachment)?

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