Global and application rules just disappeared

I have been using the firewall for a good number of years. Currently on (win 7 64). Something occurred about a day or two ago that has never happened before. I have my own custom rule set (had this for a few years) that is in use. The other day I noticed when when PC was on, that the firewall was asking permission for general items it hasn’t asked about in years (like when I opened task manager, it asked if it was allowed). I really did not think too much of it at the time. Later on it asked about something else that I knew I made a rule for. I opened up the firewall (password protected) and first noticed all of my Global rules were gone. The section was completely empty. Hoping it was a glitch, I then went into the application rules section. That entire thing was also gone except for the “new rules” that were made in the last two days when it was asking me things I knew I set long ago.

Nothing else seems to have been tampered with. All protection up to date on the system. Ran Malwarebytes, super anti-spyware and norton. All clean. Likewise no intrusions or anything else reported from Comodo. I also then did change my password for the firewall

On my end thank goodness I had a back up of my rules which I imported, so everything is ok. In the firewall itself it still showed my rules being used so it wasn’t that the rules were switched, just something erased them all.

Has anyone ever had an issue like this before? lots of google searching did not bring up anything. What would trigger such a thing to occur, could it be a windows glitch during shutdown?