Glitching with two monitors.


#1: It does not make difference between the tab and the title screen, in such way that when I middle click a tab to close it it instead moves the entire window with all the tabs to my other screen.
#2: When dragging a tab from one screen to the other it moves the rest of the window as well. For example if I have four tabs on my right screen, and move one of them to my left screen, now I have a window with a single tab underneath a window with three tabs all in the left screen.

Specific steps taken to try solve: N/A, no idea what could be wrong with it since by default chrome/chromium does these things.

Version: Not sure, the one you have on the download page.

Plugins/themes: None

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Not sure what UAC is so I’m going to say disabled.

Windows installed in C:
CD installed in C:\Program data(x86)\Comodo\Dragon


I do not have google chrome, I did however use it as well as Chromium and SRWare Iron and had no issue with them.

Feel free to delete this.

It won’t run twitter facebook or instagram videos nor gifvs

Some of these issues have been reported since november LAST YEAR.

I’m guessing this is dead and going to look for something else.