Giving CIS 4.0 a second chance

I installed CIS 4.0 on the day it was released but I had a bad experience with it most notably my games would stutter and it demanded too much CPU load and I reverted back to CIS 3.14.

I began looking for COMODO substitute and contemplating whether I should stick with free security suite or to buy paid ones such as Kapersky Internet Security.

While looking for COMODO substitute somehow I began to be convinced that CIS was really the best in the free security suite field and probably still better than even some of the paid version that I was contemplating to buy.

Today I decided to give CIS a second chance and re downloaded the offline installation file version. After restart somehow I’m not getting the heavy CPU load that I was experiencing when I installed on day one. I however have chosen to disable the sandbox feature altogether and it still works and feels like the old CIS 3.14.

I’ve also realized that many previously COMODO fans decided to leave the forum when they got a bad experience with CIS 4.0 and I hope they too would give CIS a second chance.

I ran COMODO leak test with CIS 4.0 and received a 340/340 score.

I just enabled the sandbox feature but disable the automatic features of it. I’ve sandboxed Internet Explorer too.

The firewall is without doubt the best of it’s kind. I just wish they would add IPv6 support. The rest of the package holds no interest for me, so I don’t use it or any equivalents.

Outpost 7 (2010) should be out soon (maybe) When it arrives, I shall be checking the free package. I always used to use outpost, but like CIS and virtually every other security application, it’s going the way of bloatware or gaining Second-system effect.

Outpost don’t give you the full capabilities for its free version. And I doubt its firewall is superior to COMODO’s

I tried it once and didn’t like its interface then I felt I had more autonomy with COMODO firewall interface.

I used to pair CIS with Avira because COMODO used not to have a very reliable AV but I’ve dropped Avira altogether since sometime ago because all detection is usually done by COMODO’s AV even when it has got quite a few false positives. The AV in COMODO is now a very reliable part of CIS and the excellent firewall and now excellent AV compounded with defense+ convinced me that COMODO is probably the best Internet Security Suite out there and the surprise is that it is FREE.

you might need to just add your games to the my safe files or they arent sandboxed does that help on games?

I just disable the sandbox to automatically run unknown application in it. I turn the sandbox on still though so that the browser could be set to always run sand boxed.