Giveaway of the Day - Advanced SystemCare PRO 6

Enjoy for 1 year. :slight_smile:

IObit? No thanks ;D
Thanks for sharing anyway.

Is that because of the company or the program? Maybe both? I heard many things about them as well but free is free LOL!

Probably because of the company. They had their own anti malware program and they stole the Malwarebytes a anti malware defintions to use for their program. That did harm to their name and reputation.

WOT gives a red rating. >:-D

The above quotes go hand in hand, WOT is a user reputation rating system.

!ot! On a side note, why is this in Other Security Products? !ot!

Yeah, that’s a little sad. Their turbo boost feature is one of the most useful features I’ve seen in management suites. And they’re configuration (well, most of it anyway. I tweak it a bit more) is the fastest among those I’ve tried. I don’t trust registry cleaners and their other features; just the system optimization part. Everything else, I use other tools instead. Thanks for the heads up, Seany007 (you’re 007 reminds me of James Bond every single time).

Yeah not nice but after all it’s a Chinese company. Russia or US makes one super jet one day. Another day in China they already have one. China is very good at copying everything what they want. But that’s !ot!

Because everyone post such things here. I see. Ha ha ha LOL! 8)

It’s what Japan did in the past and it made them a wealthy society…

I would not touch this program with a 100ft pole.

Proceed with caution.

i dont know if you noticed but this was a giveaway of the day back in december so its long over.

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