Give us the ability to backup our personal settings to a file

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Everyone who uses comodo has their own way to configuring it. Some people are like me and they just want it to do it’s job without bothering the user, so they enable all of the options for “do not show popup alerts” and then they set them to block with the container set to block as well.

Other people might want to not have cloud lookup enabled or to only have certain components set to auto-block for every request

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
A lot of other products allow the user to back up their settings to a file. Comodo should do this as well. But the way you’d want to do it should be more like a script to follow.

What do I mean? The file could be just a list of changes that the user made to the settings in a comodo’s own format to “proactive security”, “Internet security” and “firewall security” Comodo(the app) could just read the changes made to the settings logged to that file and make those changes for the user. That way an old settings file could still work with a newer version of comodo where the configurations would encompass new features. The settings file would just be a telling comodo what changes to make to the settings on components that were present when the settings file was made. A prompt could be issued to the user if there’s new components that the user might want to fiddle with or if components listed in the settings file aren’t part of the program anymore

3. Why you think it is desirable:
This would be very helpful for any occasion where the user would need to uninstall comodo for some reason. That way, when they install it again, they can put it back the way they like it right away
4. Any other information:
I’ve had to uninstall comodo to be able to do in-place upgrades and feature updates. It was very annoying to set it up the way I like it all over again.

Read to the help documentation, it has always been possible to backup and restore the config.

Does that method work with an old settings file being used on a new version of comodo?

Yes it does . . . . Some users do prefer to rebuild the settings for new versions, but it’s a personal choice. I’ve used a saved Config it on a couple of machines from version 10 to the latest w/o any issues

This is interesting to know.

Maybe off topic but anyhow…

From which earliest CIS version (V2, V3, V5, V6, etc.) can configs be imported into the latest version?

What happens to uncompatible config settings, if there are any that is, (e.g. a change in settingname or feature name or an unsupported setting) of an older version config when it’s imported into the latest version? Will those settings just be ignored during importing?
Also, does the user get some feedback telling what settings are incompatible or unsupported (again if there are any)?

I presume that new settings/features in the lastest version are left to their default settings when importing an older config version which doesn’t have those features, right?

Just good to know.

Haven’t tested it from anything earlier than 10 to the current version. Probably wouldn’t try it from 8.4 instance, but someone may have done

Exported settings include antivirus, firewall, HIPS, containment, website filtering, VirusScope and secure shopping settings’ . . Trusted Vendors aren’t saved but along with the Trusted File List export and Import, it’s a great time saver

New features would obviously be left at their default

When I used CIS I believe the config I was using started from V3 worked fine till V7, but failed when imported into V8 problems with the Trusted file/vendor lists plus a few other things did not really work well at all.

There where quite a few new features in V8 which I believe caused the import to fail.


So what menu do I go into to do this?

Never mind! I figured it out!