.gifv format doesn't work

A lot of posts on reddit have moved from the standard .gif format to a lighter weight .gifv format but they just show up as a black box in comodo.

GIFV works, but not all of them. :wink: A GIFV is not an animated GIF, it’s a videofile, either WebM or MP4. If it’s WebM, Dragon/Chromodo can play it because it supports WebM and its videoformats VP8 and VP9. If only MP4 is available, Dragon/Chromodo can not play it, as its proprietary videoformat AVC/H.264 is not supported.

Test GIFV here: https://imgur.com/blog/2014/10/09/introducing-gifv/

That would explain why some .gifv seem to work while others don’t. Webm is just about the greatest thing ever. Will .mp4 AVC/H.264 support be included in the next update?

I don’t expect native support for any proprietary formats, as that would cost quite a lot. Using the system’s decoders (if available, such as on Windows 7+) is a possibility, but I haven’t seen anything about such plans.