I beg your pardon, if my spelling will not be proper. I not know English. I use the program of the translator. And I have two problems.

  1. As to register? I click on the skylight of the registration and nonetheless I have not the link.
  2. I use the Opera. In the program I marked the skylight “the Opera”, and then OK, but surely she not wants the program not wants confirm, because when for the check I enter into this tuck, then the Opera is not noted. What to do?
    Very please for the helpful prompt on my address emailowy. Down hill to thank. Gienia

Welcome tot the forums Gienia.

Having used an online translator makes your problem a bit hard to understand (translators generate “interesting” stuff sometimes…:wink: )

  1. Registration seems to have worked as you are posting. What link are you expecting?

  2. I am an Opera user and it works normally with the forums. Can you rephrase your problem you have using Opera?

I checked your registration and I see you are from Poland. I am from the Netherlands and I also speak German. I know Polish people usually also speak German. We can switch to German if you want.

Ich habe deine Registrierung nachgesehen und sieh du kommst aus Polen. Ich komme aus die Niederland und spreche auch Deutsch. Ich weiss das Polnische Leute oft auch Deutsch reden. Wen du willst reden wir in Deutsch weiter.