A new anti-keylogger. “It supports global key protection without any application limitation. Instead of scrambling the key presses this tool even hides any key press. Beside of this features it supports a protection against low level keylogger.”

Have not tried it currently using SpyShelter, but have read some good reviews about it. It’s relatively new so thought I would post.

Edit : Here is the video that Daily Motion removed from the page.

Looks interesting, would like to see some tests against several keylogging techniques and comparison between other similar products. Know of any such tests/comparison?

No maybe I will run a couple and report back. Just saw it and thought why not post. It’s a new comer to a small niche. The fact it claims to hide the keystrokes instead of scrambling them is interesting. I will test it. I have a few commercial keyloggers (and freeware) why not see what it can do.

Will report back.

Edit: in a few days. Work is ■■■■■■. Not much time. Not that anyone will be holding their breath. :smiley:

Takes a deep breath

Nah, kidding. Still looking forward to what you find though. :smiley:

I was aware of this software, but I didn’t test it mainly because of some limitations:

Cons: Symbols like the brackets, plus sign or others that require you to hold down the SHIFT key can’t be inserted while Ghostpress is active.

Source: Ghostpress - Free AntiKeylogger | Wilders Security Forums

See your point. No need to test this with the limited functionality. It does looking like a promising start if the developer can overcome the shortcomings and support all keys. Thanks for the info.