Ghostery and IceDragon 22

In the last IceDragon versions I began to notice a mistake when using addition of Ghostery.
Over time Ghostery 2.9.6 icon on the panel of additions began to vanish.
Although the supplements themselves add- ons is.
It is necessary to reinstall. All own blocking are dumped.
Who can check or confirm? CID 22 portable.

P.S. Also released a new version of Ghostery 5. Does not work in CID 22. ( portable).
Ghostery 5. perfectly works in FF of 23 beta.
But not installed in the CID 22, FF 22. Not works. ( For info)

Ghostery was updated to 5 versions. Doesn’t work with IceDragon 22.
It is very bad that IceDragon lags behind Firefox. >:(
FF 24 is already tested.

…they have to stay “down” at their computer to work on it first, instead of “up” at the water cooler, coffee pot, break room, smoking area, etc. all the time, for something to happen…

The newest version of Ghostery (5.0.3) works with IceDragon 22 … sort of . The initial installation is clean and the icon and its associated button appear on the browser tool bar. After shutting down the browser, however, both disappear. If you go to your Add-on List and disable the Ghostery application and then re-enable it the icon and the button reappear on the tool bar and are fully functional at your original settings. The procedure is annoying, but the end result is a successful work-around.
- Mark Lee

…but it works RIGHT in Firefox - I read these threads (along /w/ the myriad complaints) - CIS this, sandboxing that, this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work - the DNS is such utter garbage it’s not even worth considering, & it’s been that way for a long time, WHY? - version update punctuality is below average mediocre AT BEST - FF has already updated 23 once, & over 2 wks. to now we’re still waiting, WHY? - humph !?whatever?! - the website itself has a lot of goofiness loading, you wait, & wait, & wait, & finally get fed up & close it (even with wait times varieing a lot) & just before disappearing it pops up, & disappears closed, like they’re getting their rocks off on the “ha ha” - it’s stupid - it seemms like Comodo is spiriling downward on the slippery slope, & has been for a while, & it doesn’t look like anybody’s doing anything about any of it, or even cares - the Privalert thing really disappointed me, & then was replaced with PrivDog - again, utter garbage compared to Privalert - like I said - !?whatever?! - I’ll be dumping IceDragon, & going back to FF permantlly if 23 isn’t here by Friday, "cause, you may as well forget about a weekend release - lots o time wasted on the Comodo people…

Thank you. I know.
And so it is. Right. This means is not working.
It normally operates in FF 23 versions. It has been updated with the official release of FF 23. And been formally laid out for Supplements FF in site online add-ons for Firefox.

In my first post was about 5 version (which has not been formally laid out for Supplements FF).(Online add-ons for Firefox.) Just version 2.9.6 was has turned off and turned on again, and was a version 5. Then I started checking.

P.S. Well, I went with IceDragon on Firefox. All my blocks was lost. Such surprises are not needed. CID lags behind from FF and creates problems.
It is good that at me portable.
And I do copies.( For test). :wink:
We will wait for CID 23.

Same issues here with Ghostery (need to turn off and turn on every time i start CID).Also i have issues with some others add ons like Youtube ALL HTML5 1.04 and StartPage Site Search v1.00.They all stop working after i close icedragon

As CID long isn’t updated, here all Ghostery versions.
I think it it won’t be considered as advertizing.
Because with the 5th version of a problem in CID 22.

P.S. Note: If you scroll the page with versions of Ghostery, only the additive that is marked in green, can be tested.
Important: Disable auto-update Ghostery.
Then to 5 versions won’t be raised and there will be no problems.
At emergence of the a CID 23 version, include autoupdating.