Getting rid of prompts to allow or block access/changes when installing programs

Hello, I’m a new user of Comodo Internet Security and I must say that I am so far happy with the performance of the software. However, I would like to get rid of the alerts that I get to either allow or block the changes that will be made to my computer when I am installing programs. Is there a setting in the program that will allow me to let programs install without the software asking me wether to allow or block the changes that the insalled program will make to my computer? Thanks.

DEFENSE+ >> Advanced >> Defense+ Settings >> Deactivate the Defense+ permanently.

I would recommend getting used to using Defense+ (the Host Intrusion Prevention System), but that is the answer to your question.

This may be an interesting read if you’re wondering why…
(Its my own personal view/thoughts, though not all are necessarily correct. Also needs editing/updating.)


You are likely to get pop-ups when installing software unless it is a known safe application. This is how it stops malware from installing.

The best thing is to is to set the installation program as install/updater on the first pop-up and then you should get no more pop-ups. There is no need to disable defence+ except perhaps for very complicated installations like operating system service packs.

Thank you. That should help reduce the number of alerts that I get when installing programs. My only concern is that I share this computer and the other person may not know what to do when the alert pops up when they are trying to install a program that they may want. I was hoping that there was an automatically decide what to do option in the software. Thanks.

There is an option to eliminate all popups for your other user:
Parent mode. Misc/Settings/Parental Control. Set a password, and check the three boxes to suppress alerts.
The effect this has is unless you have a rule created for an application, nothing new (including malware) will run or install, and no alerts will be displayed.

More information about working with Parental Controls in Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts

Hi thanks for the reply. So the general rule of these alerts are to allow the changes as long as you know and trust the source from which you have downloaded and are about to install the program from. Is this correct? Also I have notced that some programs generate both firewall alerts and defense alerts. For example, a program installed on my computer called second life generated both firewall alerts and defense alerts. I know second life is legit porgram so I allow it access. I am not sure how to answer the defense alerts though. Should I just allow it access or treat applcation as. What would be the correct action to take? I have never used an Internet Security program that asks you what to do when installing program. Thanks.

Allow or treat as Trusted, the choice is yours.

Sorry, but I simply cannot think of a worse way to answer the OP, short of suggesting that they never install anything. :wink:

The BEST way, assuming that you trust the source of the application you are installing, is to treat it as “Installer/Updater”. You will receive an alert asking you to confirm switching to Installation Mode. This will allow the installer to do its thing without alerts. Note, you may still get the odd pop-up if the installer does anything bad.

Once the installation has completed, you will receive an alert advising you to switch back to your previous mode, thereby turning off Installation Mode.

Before starting the recently installed application, switch the firewall to “Training Mode” and switch Defense+ to “Training Mode”. This mode allows your app to run and CIS records the network access and the system access required. Start the application, run it for a couple of minutes, updating if possible and then exit the application. Switch the firewall and Defense+ back to the mode you had it in before selecting Training Mode.

Hope this helps,
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Some people using Vista’s UAC, who don’t install Software they’re not quite sure whether or not to trust, feel quite comfortable installing Software without the Protection of ‘DEFENSE+’.

But great ‘How to’ Ewen!

I would also like to add something to that ‘How to’ after this part…

... is to treat it as "Installer/Updater".

… Which is, before you click ‘OK’ on the Pop-up/Alert, you can safely Untick the Box which says, “Remember my answer”. This will prevent a Policy being written in the Windows Registry (viewable in the GUI) for the Installer File, should you wish to Delete it after the Installation. You can also use the Purge Button in the GUI to ‘Remove’ Policies which have been written for Files which no longer exist.

Watch ‘this Video’ for some extreme Security settings, although I would NOT recommend you set yours up like this! At the end of the Video (from 5:40) I install a Program kinda’ like the way Ewen suggests (just in case you missed something). (Old Video)

Hello, thanks for the suggestions. I have never used such an app as defense+ before and it took me a bit to get used to. Never before have I seen such type of security in any security software that I have used in the past. Thanks for the tip of purging the obsolete entires.

The best way is

Open CIS. In the summary screen under proactive defense+ you can see ‘Switch to Installation Mode’. Click on it and then open the installer. Trust me, you will not get a pop up.

Once the installation done, click on the same place (which would now be ‘Switch to Previous Mode’) and you will be back to protective mode. Even if you forget to click it, CIS will automatically remind you.

Test it out if you like. Scroll down ‘this page’ and Download these three Tests…

[b]Simple Computer Security Tests:[/b]


If it Blocks them successfully you have configured ‘DEFENSE+’ correctly.

Thanks, but I think I prefer the way Layman suggested to do it (2 posts down from this one) by selecting Install mode from the GUI before running the installer. The only caveat to this is to make certain that the installer is the first application launched after selecting Install Mode.

Regardless of what method the OP feels most comfortable with - we all chipped in and helped.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Down…? Its UP, not DOWN!!

Ah’, I see… (Location: Australia). ;D

Hi looks like I am not protected at all. I downloaded the keylogger simulated test and no alerts came up. What could be the problem? My antivirus is set to on access and my firewall and defense+ is set to safe mode. Thanks.

Are you using the defautl Internet Security mode? In this mode the keyboard is not monitored.

Try switching to Proactive Security (Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations). This mode will monitor more things among which the keyboard. It will give more pop ups.

Otherwise enable keyboard monitoring under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → Monitor Settings.

Hi, thanks. That did hte trick. I had to change the configuration to proactive security. So it’s better to use proactive securtiy or internet security. Thanks.

‘Proactive Security’ = More Pop-ups than ‘Internet Security’.

But ‘More Pop-ups’ = ‘More Control’.

So it all depends on how much ‘Control’ you would like to take on at this stage.

You do not have to change your ‘Configuration’ from ‘Proactive Security’ to ‘Internet Security’, and vise versa, to change which things are Monitored. Like EricJH says, you can simply select which things are Monitored/Protected at:

DEFENSE+ > Advanced > Defense+ Settings > ‘Monitor Settings’ Tab.

Note that changing your ‘Configuration’ is a bit like pressing a ‘Reset to Defaults’ Button. It will Remove all of your newly created ‘Policies’ etc…