Getting excessive popups for modified explorer.exe

I have a explorer.exe which was modified by the program named Windows 7 Start Button Changer v.2.6. Before I report this as a bug, I’d like to first find a possible workaround while still keeping a different start button. Yes, the one on default Windows 7 is kind of boring.

And no, adding it to trusted files does not work. Also, exceptions for behavior blocker does not work as well.

Does adding the changed explorer.exe to the exclusions of Detect shellcode injections? help here?

Can you check that the changed explorer.exe is not in the Unrecognised Files list?

I have attempted to put explorer.exe into trusted file, allow exception for both behavior exceptions and shellcode injection. The thing is, I will get popups once I look for files or even control panel or even close a window. The only solution is to revert back to original explorer.exe and I’d rather keep my current start button as it is much more aesthetically pleasing.

The problem has been solved with latest Comodo. I been able to simply press “treat as windows system application” and the problem goes away even though I have to do that a few times sometimes. That’s much better than having to deal with excessive popups.