Getting an boottime message "force delete" after uninstalling Adobe's update.

Comodo Program’s manager has been discontinued? I just downloaded it a couple months ago and recommended it for a friend. (maybe a bad idea?) The download page didn’t seem to indicate it was discontinued.
It should.

I am getting a boot-time message that says “Comodo Programs Manager 1.3 Performing Force delete jobs… *” The only thing I used Program Manager for was to remove Adobe Acrobat’s auto update service. Does that keep reinstalling itself and so PM has to keep uninstalling it?

I am using CPM 1.3.20 on Win7 Home Prem. 64bit.
I found this [url=http://thread]thread[/url] relating to my problem but I do not have the ForceDelete.txt and cnat.exe files. I do not know precisely which Key to edit from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager although I see one that by be it in the “Bootexecute” key ‘autocheck autochk * cpmnat’. However, I do not want to mess anything up if I haven’t uninstalled CPM yet and that isn’t the right key to edit.

How can I eliminate this problem?

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