Getting admin pop up for Comodo Dragon without even using it.

As the subject says. I’ve got two computers with the Comodo Security Suite installed. That included installing the Comodo Dragon web browser. I don’t use the web browser, but figured I would rather have it installed in case something came up in the future.

As of today, both computers are having the Windows 7 “Administrative permissions” dialog come up on a regular basis every few hours. The dialog states that Comodo Dragon Browser is asking for administrative permissions. As I said before, I am NOT even running the browser, nor has it been run before.

I have denied access every time, but it is hampering my normal use of the computers, as I am afraid one of these times I’ll hit enter at the wrong moment and give whatever Dragon is doing permissions to do whatever it thinks to do.

I do run regular Chrome, but that is behaving as normal. I’ve also recently run a malware scan from Malwarebytes on both computers (and of course a virus scan from Comodo itself), and come out clean.

The only other browser related thing I use is Steam, which shouldn’t be using Dragon browser to load it’s store page from what I understand of it’s workings.

I have uninstalled the Dragon browser on my desktop, and the pop ups have stopped. No other browsers attempting to run either. So it definitely seems to be from the Dragon browser or the Security Suite itself.

My laptop still has the Dragon browser installed and just a few minuites ago tried requesting “Administrative Permission” again.

I’ll probably uninstall Dagon from the laptop as well, since it’s not needed for the Firewall and Antivirus. But first I wanted to ask if there was anything you might need that would help track the problem down. I’ll wait for a reply, and if nothing is posted, I’ll uninstall Dragon off the laptop as well tomorrow evening. I can’t have a browser that won’t stay closed, and I certainly do not understand why a completely unused browser would want administrative permissions without even coming up with a GUI display explaining why.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I figured it’s better to post then stay silent about it, even if I am planning to uninstall anyway.

More info:

The problem seems to happen when waking the computer up from sleep mode on the laptop. It also happens on startup.

I haven’t had it happen any other times yet, though I usually use my computers in 2-3 hour sessions at most, putting the OS into sleep mode during the times I’m away.

Now that it’s not 2 AM, it occured to me I didn’t think to post my specs. Let me correct that:

Windows 7 64 bit, both machines.
Duel Core processor, on both machines.
Both systems had the install of Comodo Dragon from the default installation of Comodo Internet Suite.

Hi darkgriffin,
There has been a recent update to Dragon, so whether Dragons updater is getting triggered somehow maybe?
To be honest I don’t know and the above is just a stab in the dark.

I have asked a Staff member to take a look at this issue.