get workplace to change AV

How do i go about trying to convince the management where i work to change to comodo? The computers have already got an AV which has allowed most of them to become infected with a trojan, and infected my usb pen (which comodo successfully cleaned)

You could ask them to register on these forums and send me a PM. I’d be only too happy to discuss it with them.

We’ve been testing CIS AV on our LAN at work for almost 6 months now and the results speak fro themselves. We are ready to roll it our across the entire LAN as soon as we finish our SAP server upgrade.

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I wouldn’t recommend doing that at the current stage of the AV.

Your choice, but we have been testing this on an 85 seat segment of our LAN for over 6 months and have achieved the following auditable savings;

License fee/subscription saving : $3,900
Subscription/update server (licensing/rack space/electricity/backup/maintenance) : $800
2nd level support for malware remediation : $8,750

From a workflow perspective, that segment has experienced an 80%+ drop in support requirements due to AV/malware activity. This results in an effective gain of over 160 hours.

Our test users love it because they get NO alerts. Our support staff love it for the same reasons. Admittedly we have the luxury of having a strictly controlled environment, with a very tight perimeter security layout.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s working exceptionally well for us now.

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Edit : Minor typo.

On my home machine where I was until recently running the AV both as my access scanner and scheduled scans I have had a frequent freezing problem that requires a power off shutdown. On my work machine I tried a scan of 7 directories and their sub directories of a program that’s used in our particular business and had over 3% of the files detected as possible malware. (Hundreds of files) Judging by the fact that some of the Corel “.bpl” files that were submitted weeks ago are still being tagged, It’s not practical to get the problem fixed.

Wow sounds like a lot of work. Dosnt sound likes it worth it imo.

How so? The savings shown above were after all costs relating to installation, configuration and integration. That’s a $27K (roughly) saving per year, and that’s only on an 85 seat segment out of a 3500 seat LAN. Admittedly, our total savings won’t be pro-rata this amount, but out internal estimates show a potential saving (dollars, time and productivity) of well over $100K.

That ain’t chump change. :wink: