Get some ideas from Maxthon

Have anyone of you tried or used Maxthon Browser?

You can get a portable version of it from

Many of its features are second to none. And it would be great if those features can be integrated into CD.

For example, night mode, resource sniffer, ability to change browser id string, mulitple proxy configurations, etc.


except of security features, there is nothing new to CD, I will admit that… Users wants more than security in their browser…

could you elaborate on what night mode, resource sniffer and changing browser id string is or what it does

Night mode turns every thing into red and black, so it doesnt hurt your night vision.

Night mode turns the background into black and the text to white (or whatever color you want, you can set it in Options).

Resource sniffer: similar to "network sniffer: – you can download and save almost everything that is being displayed or played by the browser, including .swf files, youtube videos (and videos of other sites), audio files etc. As a result, you do not need programs such as youtube downloader etc.

Browser id is the how a website sees what OS and Browser you are using. For example, if you would like to see the mobile-phone-version of a webpage, you can just change the browser id to Android 2.5 or iPhone, etc.

is there a way sites can tell if your browser id is fake when you use the browser id feature or at least unlikely to go through the trouble to find out if it’s fake? that feature could enhance privacy