get a new Antivirus or not ? actually using KAV 2010, license will end soon.

i use KAV for a very long time and i like it and each year when i wonder if i can find some better scanner, i finally chose KAV again as there’s no other AV that seems to be far better than all others.
KAV is very stable and the GUI is very good, i know the detection is not the best but some AV are so stupid that they detect hundreds files are malwares as it’s completely impossible. ex : some signed installer u just dld from the real website and there’s no doubt that it’s a false positive.
i was thinking about bitdefender av 2010, what do u think ?

argh, i just installed bitdefender AV 2010 and it asks for reboot after install…
bad point.
KAV 2010 installs and starts and run, no need to reboot, that’s great cause i’m protected just after the install, the only thing it does it turning off the connexion to install its network driver scanner.
ok i reboot, let’s see if bitdefender AV 2010 is nice or not and if it works fine with comodo, very important ! the AV unable to work with comodo is not possible, i need the comodo FW and the comodo Defense+ but i need a nice AV but 100% compatible with comodo. on 64bit, comodo is the king, there’s no competitor for comodo on the 64bit desktop market. and also, u can install comodo 64 on your 64bit system then uninstall it then use your machine with no problem. i tested another competitor for the fun as it scores as good as comodo some said. oh yeah ??? it scored 100% to kill my system when i decided to uninstall it then install comodo. this F****** FW uninstalled badly and damaged something in the system, so i couldnt see the trafic anymore, i didnt think long, acronis boot dvd, recover the system and voila, all clean. sometimes it’s better to do that, except u need to backup the ■■■■■■ system in case u have files or folders to recover. like outlook office, this prog uses just one file to manage all your emails folders, what is strange cause any AV that detects a malware would delete the all file if it’s set to automatic decisions.
outlook express was cool, u have several files, so…i imagine there’s some application to open the outlook .pst and extract any mail you want. ok see ya, i’m googling on that ^^

Try ESET NOD32 it’s very compatible with Comodo v4. If you want to add a little extra security add Google Chrome or Firefox and use the WOT add on. WOT blocks most of the bad websites that are listed on the Malware Domain List as does ESET NOD 32.