Geswall Review

I sent Matt a request to review geswall about 1-2months ago.

Thanks for the review, Matt! :slight_smile:


I love GeSWall. :slight_smile: (And CIS of course. 88))

Great review and excellent software. I prefer popups so I can know what is going on my PC. Still love geswall!

Thanks for that Kyle,

Never tried Geswall,it looks like a sort of cross between a HIPS and Sandboxie,sort of encapsulates the app and alerts/stores info on all changes made by app,which can then be erased so back to normal.

Got any tips for when i try it,i`m sure i remember something from a bit ago :wink:


Some of the tips may want to be discussed elsewhere, ( 88)), but I think the default settings are pretty good.

Except for that most Windows Live programs don’t work when isolated. And if you isolate the browser, sometimes the keyboard controls for flash games don’t work…

Thatt’s the beauty of it… You just install and forget. It even looked harder when Matt was using it :stuck_out_tongue:
You don’t need to go into geswall and terminate a process, It’s harmless. (For the rogue example Matt only need to restart the pc) because nothing is allowed to add it’self into start-up.