George Carlin

The Genius George Carlin

I don’t (well, “didn’t” is perhaps more correct) know who this is but after 10 seconds I already love him. Sleep? Nope, going to watch this! Thanks for the link. =)

George Carlin, seven words never to say on Radio, locked the studio and said them over the air, then broke each of them down. Definitely made a name for himself.

I prefer the late Bill Hicks over George Carlin. Hicks has noticeably been influenced by Carlin; Carlin has most likely been a role model for Hicks.

When I look at George Carlin I see a shaman who absorbs and internalises his culture and returns it in trance performance which at times go to straight up fits. Which is impressive and gives temporary and only temporary release. Bill Hicks at his best moments simply transcends and offers people a view on something else; something better if you like. At his best he liberates.

A great example of both classical Freudian father ■■■■■■ and where Carlin fails is shown in George Carlin vs Bill Hicks vs Marketing. I love Bill Hicks on marketing in this context.

Bill Hicks has many facets. To get a good idea of his world check out the various parts of Totally Bill Hicks (BBC documentary) on youtube.

I would stop short of calling Carlin a genius. He has some funny moments but he also has long stretches of rambling boredom. I actually liked him better back when he was partnered with Jack Burns and hadn’t yet gone the druggie hippie route.