Generated email cert from different computer. Now need new cert...

Hello Forum.

I generated a Digital ID from Comodo on computer A and it needed to be installed on computer B.

When I open the notification email on computer B, it tells me it can’t be installed because the request was made on another computer.

I went to and attempted to create another with the same email address (the one I need to use for testing) and it tells me one has already been created.

What is my recourse?

Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I did the same thing, I generated the certificate request over RDP and attempted to collect it from another computer.

I then used the certificate request machine to install the certificate figuring that I could just export the certificate back to the other machine. Unfortunatley COMODO has configured their certificate templates to not allow Private Key exportation by default.

I have had to contact COMODO support to have my certificate revoked, at which time I will request/collect the certificate from the same machine and hopefully be able to toggle the “Mark Key As Exportable” option at somepoint during the whole process.

Kinda frustrating …

I did get a response by email from Comodo on this, and while they revoked it for me, I could have retrieved it, exported it from my browser, then imported the ID file into the destination computer. I was able to do this successfully.

Have you retrieved the cert yet?