General Questions About ESM 2.0


I need to know a few things about the new ESM v2.0:

  1. Is it a possibility of a unlimited licensing method, as other vendors do, when someone need around +1,000 endpoints (meaning if they can not only replace when an endpoint hardware changes, but also to add more endpoints without number of limitation)? How is the performance with that amount of endpoints? This point is very important to know ASAP.

  2. If using EasyVPN/Unite, can the VPN established be use as a local network (i.e: to push agent, CIS installation at the endpoints, etc.)? In other words, if using the VPN would facilitate remote connections to work as they would be local? After all thats the main function of VPN.

  3. Any plans of allowing edition of imported policies through the console? This is a need. To import policies make really easy the creation of them. But when you need to edit something, it would be great to do it from the console directly, instead of doing it from the endpoint. Imagine you have 200 endpoints to manage… you want to admin the policies from one point, right? Not to 1) update endpoint policies, 2) import the edited policies. Administrating imported policies from console would make it a 1 step thing, instead of 2 or 3 steps as it is right now.

The Business Edition is specially designed to suit the IT needs of small businesses, typically having 100 endpoints or less.

CESM->Agent communication is via netbios over TCP for ADMIN$ share used to initiate a remote push installation. Once installed (either via push or manually via local installation or pull using Manage This Endpoint in CIS 2012) Agent->CESM communication is via the IP addresses configured in the Configuration Tool. If you can get an IP route using any VPN such that the two can find each other by their respective IP addresses, you’re good to go.

That is a planned feature of a future Edition of ESM 2.0 - stay tuned. Just one thing to consider: a configuration you may edit at the console is still often at least a two-step process, as you have to go back to the endpoint to confirm your changes had the desired effect. If you have to experiment with changes, any advantage you had in steps would be lost this way, and is actually more complex than the Business Edition 2-step process.

Thanks Glen for your answers. I only have one question.
If a customer has more or near 1,000 endpoints… what can we do?
This offer is actually from on of our customers and we must quote a price to them. :-X