General confusion, conflict with XP


I’m responsible for the security in my small organization. We were using Comodo AV 8 without issue. Now, we were upgraded to Comodo Antivirus 10. There were some issues, but most have been resolved, but a few remain:

  1. The startup on some machines (mostly XP?) is having trouble. Those machines will load to the desktop, but will not load any programs. Multiple restarts are necessary which seems to resolve the issue.
  • Does anyone know what may be causing this conflict, and how to resolve?
  1. CAV 10 disables the Windows firewall. That’s not a problem if there’s an integrated firewall in CAV 10, but I’m not able to find any settings or configuration to support that.
  • Is there a firewall included if I have CAV 10?
  • Is there a reason why it would disable the Windows firewall if there were not?
  • Is it safe to have the Windows firewall disabled even if there isn’t one in Comodo (some other feature within CAV that performs a similar role)?

I appreciate any help! :o

The upgrade may have caused problems so I would suggest to uninstall and do a clean install following this guide and then grab the newest installer from the release topic. The newest release fixes the issue with CAV disabling the windows firewall.

I appreciate the guidance, but that suggestion does provide its own challenges. There are a number of PCs that may or may not have been affected, and the removal guide suggests installing programs that are not approved at this organization (and the path to get them approved is arduous).

Is there an upcoming update that would resolve these issues?

You don’t need to install anything, just run the removal .bat file. But if you can’t then just try doing a normal uninstall, reboot, then install again using the standalone installer. It seems the issue is system specific so it is harder to provide an update to fix the issues. If you still experience problems after a standard uninstall/install then comodo would need a diagnostic report and the saved msinfo322 report.

Thanks again. I tried the uninstall/reinstall on my own workstation. I’m still experiencing problems. I had to restart several times to get firefox to start. I’m also having difficult getting into the settings or log of Comodo… the settings window opens briefly before closing without warning.

Is there a way to roll back to Comodo 8? If so, will signatures still be updated? Am I able to opt out of requests for updates to v10?

You need to find the installer for version 8 as comodo no longer provides downloads to older versions, yes AV updates will continue to work, and once installed you just need to disable automatically check for program updates under program and updates settings.