.... Future of Remote Support/Access/Management

Hi Guys

It gives a great pleasure to announce to you guys.

We all know and use products like teamviewer, vnc, logmein etc. in an attempt to do “remote support” for our friends and family. These products do a good job of doing remote access. But remote access is only a part of the solution when you are trying to support and manage the computers remotely. Geekstein gives you the platform to run Virus Scan with a single click…one click cleaning of viruses…system cleaning and much much more…its a Platform available to you, not only do remote access, but also do remote support and management never seen before! You no longer have to do a remote access…download an antivirus…run a scan…watch it …etc etc…Geekstein does it all for you at a click of a button!

You can create your own scripts…your own “jobs” …its too powerful to explain it all here…

It turns Geeks into Einstein like Geeks, hence Geekstein! It will turn anyone into a super techie!

And yes, of course its FREE!!! (for now…)

Please go ahead and give it a go and let us what you think about it.

thank you


every user will be a GeekBuddy with this ? to help our friend and family

and I want to ask “for now” mean :smiley:

we will always make it free…but there could be some paid for components etc…

thanks Melih I love the name of it :smiley:

It’s down for me…

The site itself is up for me, but I get “server error” when I try and sign-up. :-\

I just used the CacheCheck for OpenDNS and all the servers claimed “No A Records”

Hmm… try: :slight_smile:

Works… … …

Now, This is genius, the Idea itself is super

Server error…

thank you! :slight_smile:

Nice innovative name and idea Albert Melih. :-TU


now we can turn everyone into a Technical Genius!!! Literally!

I definitely like the GeekStein Logo jajaja, fun indeed!

Melih, the transition from FREE to PAID COMPONENTS should be smooth for those who are going to test the software for COMODO. Just imagine when COMODO launch the PAID COMPONENTS and the tester have the software installed in several friends and family’s PCs… is the tester going to suffer a “blocking” of certain features that has been used to operate with relatives and friends’ PCs?

I like to refer better to the “PAID COMPONENTS” as to the COMODO Paid Products to be installed and managed from GeekStein (CIS PRO or COMPLETE, Desktop Utilities, Online Storage, TrustConnect, etc), rather than tech tools integrated to GeekStein. ;D

I’m getting continual “Server error” when trying to sign up. :cry:

Also, can’t resolve

Ewen :slight_smile:

Will have a play with it.

But noticed that the tab shows LivePCsuppot ie missing ‘r’.
And, maybe the word support should have a capital ‘S’.

Screenshot attached


[attachment deleted by admin]

Also getting ‘server error’ after filling in fields and clicking ‘Sign Up’.
I’m using a tablet, not sure what others who also get this error are using.


ok good…everyone who spotted the server error…YOU PASSED THE TEST!!! You are paying attention…

now we’ll put fixed version up :slight_smile:


working now!!
let us know how you like it pls…