GeekBuddy Won't Uninstall

I had Comodo Firewall, and I was getting annoyed with the AntiError and GeekBuddy shortcuts reappearing on my desktop every couple days, so I uninstalled everything. And I mean everything. I uninstalled the Comodo Firewall, and I uninstalled GeekBuddy. So don’t tell me to go in to the Programs and Features window and uninstall it, it’s not listed there anymore.

Today, I turn on my computer, and was shocked to find that a new set of the AntiError and GeekBuddy shortcuts were, again, placed on my desktop. What’s amazing is that these shortcuts don’t even go anywhere. If you click them, you get that “can’t find destination” message.

So if everything is uninstalled, why are these desktop shortcuts still showing up?

GeekBuddy/Comodo Firewall seems more like a virus, or malware, at this point.

Well, GeekBuddy definitely isn’t malware, but something strange is certainly going on. If you have already uninstalled it there definitely shouldn’t be any reason for new shortcuts to reappear. Also, Comodo Firewall would have nothing to do with GeekBuddy shortcuts.

Perhaps what’s going on is that for whatever reason GeekBuddy was not uninstalled entirely. Please try deleting the shortcuts and then run the uninstall tool from this page. Use it to remove any remnants of GeekBuddy that may remain.

Please let us know if after doing this the shortcuts come back and we’ll try to figure out what’s wrong.