GeekBuddy PC HEALTH CHECK 1.0.194219.7 Release Candidate RELEASED!

We are happy to announce that GeekBuddy PC HEALTH CHECK 1.0.194219.7 Release Candidate is available for download.


  • Detect latest malware from memory by accesing COMODO CLOUD SIGNATURE database
  • Newest and faster scan engine for PRIVACY ISSUES, REGISTRY ERRORS and JUNK FILES from CSC 4.0
  • Suport with latest version of COMODO GeeekBuddy 3.3
  • New Design Line

Known Issues:

  • No parameters are displayed in the operator`s chat window
  • Double-clicking on the GBHC icon doesn’t open the program if it has been previously closed during a scan
  • Uninstalling GBHC while scanning is rearranging the icons on the customer’s screen
  • Minimizing the GBHC installation window makes the “Cancel” button disappear
  • The progress bar is not fully displayed if it exceeds the 100% limit
  • The purchase button is improperly displayed ( Windows XP 32\64 bit)
  • Artefact displayed in the GBHC setup on 120DPI
  • Right clicking on the GBHC Icon when minimized in the Taskbar , maximizes the window

Bug Reports:

Please use��-pchc/geekbuddy-pc-health-check-101942197-release-candidate-bug-reports-t73594.0.html
link to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Launcher for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 486 KB (497,704 bytes)
MD5: 1ec5596817b641eca08c328627cc081e
SHA1: bdbfe10bd949062abf658260ff9c58a62cb99e25

Portable version for Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit:

Size: 2.97 MB (3,119,778 bytes)
MD5: 0de043f398ffaeb38cd86f9a18fe5276
SHA1: 619ed4ec60110d1b495c717cfa762f275639119c

Portable version for Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit:

Size: 3.41 MB (3,578,503 bytes)
MD5: 18c1ae358e1a01c4bdb153bdd47c5d43
SHA1: cd6d59aff991d56ad78d131ba55e6b932eb43708

Congratulations with the release. Installing it now.

It’s reminding me of Comodo Cloud Scanner. Are there plans to make it possible to maximize the screen so the user can easier take a look at the things that were reported?

welldone guys!

This found 891 problems and said most of them were caused by viruses. This is a clean VM… ???

And it’s unclear what exactly what is to happen with the application. It tells me to register and it can restore my computer to perfect health quickly, but does this mean I’m registering for GeekBuddy? Does it cost money? Does the program do the repairs, or does a GeekBuddy have to do it?

But I guess more importantly, why is it telling me that most of these problems were caused by viruses when this isn’t the case? :-\

Where does it say that the problems are caused by viruses?
In the list are inserted all the problems. Are there 891 problems from Malware category?
You have to you Geek Buddy application for cleaning so you need to register or test it trial.
If you have problems please post a print screen in bugs section.

PC Health Check is a problem reporter. It has the same fuctionality as COMODO Cloud Scanner. The same team build it and i was working on it too.
I will talk with the Design guys and see if they can do some tricks with that.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I just ran the scan again. Sorry, it doesn’t say most problems are caused by viruses, just “many”. And now I have 894 problems…

I don’t have anything listed as malware. I only have three categories of problems. I have Junk Files, Privacy Files, and Registry.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Look at the attached screenshot.

(PC is 100% malware free)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes you are 100% right. Any ideas in changing the text?

All the problems (Junk files, Privacy issues and Registry issues) that are in the list are caused mostly by just using your computer (browsing the internet, installing/uninstalling programs etc.). But they aren’t REALLY problems.

You can’t really say that “Many of your computer’s problems were caused by viruses” if the program did not find any malware.

If PC Health Check finds malware then you can say “Some of your computer’s problems may have been caused by malware”.

Good idea!
I will differentiate the allerts based on results.

Thank for your reply.

May be it could be changed to simple listing like:
Malware: x
Registry: y
Privacy: z


The main GUI should be much clearer especially the Problems list. By the way to me PC HEALTH CHECK functionality looks just like Comodo Cloud Scanner (with redesigned GUI).

I liked CCS GUI better because it looked much clearer and had better overview.

PC HEALTH CHECK should look something like this:

Hello Guys,

I have to answer both to Marek88 and to EricJH and that`s why i did not quted this message.
I was thinking about the details of the scan this week. The main idea is that we have to change a system that is already implemented and this may take a lot of time.

What do you say about a detail page (like a full scan report)?
Just a buton that will take us there to see the details and then go back to the results page.
The report page can be similar to good old Cloud Scanner 2.0 ;D

Kind Regards,

Corneliu Deleanu
Project Manager

A details page sounds good to me.

+1 :-TU.

TBH, I prefer the old cloud scanner interface. More inline with Comodo’s range of products.