Geekbuddy Opinions, Complains and Congrats

Hi i want to make this pool because i have a relationship of love and hate whith comodo and geekbuddy. When comodo starts and cames i test the first versions. Free tech support, very kind. A firewall whitout precedents. Very good perfomance. Superior detection and prevention features. Something i never seen. But when i have the chance to test geekbuddy by myself in two years i have the same problems. In CIS PRO versión 6 . The product turns heavy, slowdown pc. The costumer atention was dicresed in quality level. Some buddies dont hear or read my issues, only want to take control of my pc, delete system files, delete temps, doing things what i can do by myself and what i do before call them. They dont clarify if somethings are viruses or not, they dont offer me options to configure my product, they tell me wait and wait and wait. I read one guy here was a terible expericence whith a buddy who sneak in his Skype messenges. He turns off his pc. I do it too many times for similar circunstances. I know some buddy staff are here, and the CEO are here. I want they take a look in this pool.

The buddies have credentials? What credentials? Some procedures are similar to geekboys on my Street.

Have complains departament? Where i can report bad behavior?

Dont missunderstand me I love comodo for that first experience, and really recomend it to all my Friends and familiars. I want to contribute whith some palpable. I want to buy a suscription again to contribute whith my paid to product development but i want good service.

Really i am confused now about buddies and about comodo paid options in terms of quality.

I ask to paid suscriptors, CEO and Staff to bring me their exeriences to decide me and convince me again to return my faith in buddies. Maybe that appears to be a personal thing but the users like me are persons

I hope you understand

I have now experienced an almost total lack of available tech support despite having a paid subscription for Commodo Internet security Pro including GeekBuddy and will no longer extend my subscription. 24/7 live tech support has become a bad joke with Comodo.

Hi Alberto,

I have discussed the issue with our Quality Managers and they will take necessary actions to not repeat the issue that you mentioned above. We are sorry for your session experience with one of our geekbuddies. In order to compensate your bad experience and regain your faith on us, we would like to offer a 1-on-1 session. Please provide your profile information to me with PM or you can send me an email ( .


Literally just had a GB go thru and tell me he found every thing … Only thing i could see him do was junk files… An Hour or to later i hop on… Fire wall looks good… Decide to run eset online cause they have a great online scanner…bbbbboooommmm
Completely infected still running 17 infected files and counting


Shame i paid for this garbage app and lack of help… can i get some real help or should i just waste the 89 dollars and go to eset?

26 infected files
and counting

Hi Faveroroofing, I have discussed this issue with our CIS managers and they declared that issue is related with your CIS configuration. In order to compensate your bad experience and regain your faith on us, we would like to offer a 1-on-1 session with Geekbuddy agents so that you can also get information about how Geekbuddy works. Please provide your profile information to me with PM or you can send me an email (alper.gungor[at]

Best Regards,

I commented on this in another section and was advised to post here. So I copy my post:
Today I installed CIS Pro10. It also installed Geek Buddy.
After installation I ran Geek Buddy and I let Geek Buddy Scan My PC.
When you get the scan results and you try the Optimize and fix it button you get connected to Live Tech Support where they then tell you you need to pay to get help.
This is something I am used to get from malicious websites - not from my trusted Internet Security program.
In any good program you would be able to get detailed information on Junk Files, Junk Registries, Browser Addons and have to possibility to clean those that you checked.
I have 9 Browser addons. I know and I trust them. Geek Buddy finds this a serious problem. What will it do - clean them away???

And look at the added Health report.
For Malware Protection Check it states : Not Protected with a red bar and the mention “Serious”
Really? So what did I buy CIS Pro for? I thought this protected me !!???
And during setup I was warned to remove al other malware protection !!!

A Malware scan considers Geek Buddy malware. They are sooo right!!!

Hi danyb,

We have realized a bug on our system after your first feedback and we will release a hot fix version in a few days and the problem will be resolved.
We are also working on detailing diagnosed problems on Free Diagnostic report and Smart Scan. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Thanks. I have now uninstalled Geek Buddy.
Could you tell me what exactly is the bug and what will be resolved?

If it is the “Not protected” line I would still be very reluctant to try Geek Buddy because there is no possibility to get details of the issues.
I would never let a program Clean up my PC without knowing what will be cleaned up.

I have read a complaint from another Comodo user saying the Geek Buddy took over de computer and deleted things that shouldn’t be deleted.
What I would expect from Geek Buddy is a detailed list of what are considered issues and the possibility to check or uncheck before making changes - and certainly the making of a restore point before any changes.

I really do not need someone to take over my computer to solve issues. I can do that myself