GeekBuddy not showing "no thanks" link - fake GeekBuddy?

Hi there,
I am facing an issue on a Win 10 computer. Apparently Comodo detected three issues during a recent scan and the GeeKBuddy window came up (German version). However, this window does not show the “No, thanks” link that allows to exit the window without making use of the offered services. As I haven’t found anything about this after extensive search in this forum and on www generally, I am wondering if this is a fake GeekBuddy window, maybe pointing to a possible infection of the computer by some virus that has caused this modification. Or is this by design a “feature” of the latest version of GeekBuddy, in order to leave the customer without choice to refuse the services??

This is how the GeekBuddy window normally looks like (also described and shown here: CIS Premium – Installation, Best Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security Setup) in it’s English version:

As described above, the GeekBuddy window that comes up looks like this (German version):

Any ideas why it does not show the “No, thanks” link? In German it would say “Nein, danke”. How to close the window without accepting to contact an expert? The Comodo window behind can not be accessed to let the user take actions himself as long as the GeekBuddy window is open…


Any input is welcome.

It’s probably covered by translation of “contact expert” which made it huge.

tsssssss… You’re right. It’s so obvious I wonder why I didn’t find it myself! ;D Changing the language to English should make the trick. Thanks!!