Geekbuddy not being able to connect

I am having an issue with GeekBuddy not being able to connect giving me an error saying I need to check my network connection. I have internet though a company called Suddenlink, I have my own equipment Modem: Motorola SB6141 Router: Linksys E2500. The net is working just fine, in fact it’s just Geekbuddy that is having an issue. I think my router might be blocking the ports for Geekbuddy. If anyone can let me know what the ports I need to forward for Geekbuddy that would help me greatly!

Please start a separate topic for your firewall settings in the Firewall Help Board.

You know I do not mind that you as a moderator came to this page and let me know that you would like me to take have the post else where. What I am not really happy about is the fact that you, being a moderator ‘hero’, had nothing really constructive to say about my problem.

Seeing how I have fixed the ‘port’ issue on my own ( ) , I am no longer in need of assistance. I would thank someone for the help but it would seem a bit self centered being as that someone is myself.

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Thank you.