GeekBuddy in trial version

This is not my session, but I have a feeling that Geeks force trial users to buy GeekBuddy first, to have work done well.�-geekbuddy-t71996.0.html;msg557049#msg557049

This message is in Polish, but if you only look at the picture you will know what it is all about.

When I installed a couple of Comodo products, GeekBuddy trial version came along with it. When I tried to use it, I was told that I had to pay for the service before I could get any help. So, the value of the trial version is absolutely nothing. If I obtained some help, I might have paid for the service, but that’s not how it works. As a result, I’m removing all Comodo products from my computers and will not use any Comodo products in the future.

I got the same buy first/get help later treatment today.

They must be really proud at comodo headquarters for inventing paid customer support…in disguise.

It is a shame cause I was really fond of their products.

i would love GeekBuddy to help me out as well
but i too was ask to pay for a service that i thought was free
i think it’s a bit unfair to say you can use them to help & the first thing they do is say where’s the cash?
be nice if Comodo came back with a reply as to why this is???