geekbuddy help?

I recently bought cis complete and was having an issue with geekbuddy app.i would open up cis complete interface and click chat now,it would not open up geekbuddy but instead go to file explorer.i opened up geekbuddy from online account and started an online chat.i told the tech(wont post name on forum)the problem and he included a link to cis premium?i asked why would I want free version when I paid for complete version and he said complete version wasn’t windows 8 compatible.i told him both premium and complete versions are the same 5.12 and are compatible.i looked on and it says cis complete is windows 8 compatible.i cant believe a tech who is supposed to help fix issues doesn’t even know the software is compatible.he kept telling me to kindly hold a moment as if he didn’t have a clue of what he was doing?what did I pay for?

tried another tech and all he could say was uninstall/reinstall and I told him I tried that numerous times and he said send an email to comodo?wtf kind of support is that,didnt even ask to remote connect to check anything out.very unhappy with comodo support,pathetic

windows 8


We are very interested about this scenario. Please give us the session ID. You can find it in the “History” page of your GeekBuddy application.


that was the problem,i could not get geekbuddy installed.i had to go online into comodo account and open up a chat that way.i have since got a refund but if you need any info let me know.