GeekBuddy FREE

Will there ever be a FREE Version of GeekBuddy? At least for those who are novice (Beginners) [at] computers?

No. Humans have to be payed. Comodo hasn’t got any cash-making machine.

you can have access to them for $4.99 a year!!! thats very low as it is :frowning:

What do you expect? in a you have geekbuddy for free… called comodo forums

There is a free version of geek buddy …its called Google.
The only difference is that you’re doing the searches yourself and cutting out the paid middleman.

Mad-one, please keep your agenda to your own thread. Cross-posting is a violation of the Forum Policy. :P0l

there is no cross posting here i was simply answering a question thanks

I am not convinced about the statement above, besides that the OP specified for novices/beginners and the so called Google free version could get novices into more trouble than it is worth.